Node Attribute Generation on Graphs

IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence (TPAMI), 2020

Recommended citation: Chen, X., Chen, S., Zheng, H., Yao, J., Cui, K., Zhang, Y., & Tsang, I. W. (2019). Node Attribute Generation on Graphs. arXiv preprint arXiv:1907.09708.

Graph structured data provide two-fold information: graph structures and node attributes. Numerous graph-based algorithms rely on both information to achieve success in supervised tasks, such as node classification and link prediction. However, node attributes could be missing or incomplete, which significantly deteriorates the performance. The task of node attribute generation aims to generate attributes for those nodes whose attributes are completely unobserved. This task benefits many real-world problems like profiling, node classification and graph data augmentation. To tackle this task, we propose a deep adversarial learning based method to generate node attributes; called node attribute neural generator (NANG). NANG learns a unifying latent representation which is shared by both node attributes and graph structures and can be translated to different modalities. We thus use this latent representation as a bridge to convert information from one modality to another. We further introduce practical applications to quantify the performance of node attribute generation. Extensive experiments are conducted on four real-world datasets and the empirical results show that node attributes generated by the proposed method are high-qualitative and beneficial to other applications. The datasets and codes are available online.

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