Phase Collaborative Network for Multi-Phase Medical Imaging Segmentation

arXiv preprint, 2018

Recommended citation: Zheng, H., Xie, L., Ni, T., Zhang, Y., Wang, Y. F., Tian, Q., Fishman E. K. & Yuille, A. L. (2018). Phase Collaborative Network for Multi-Phase Medical Imaging Segmentation. arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.11814.

Integrating multi-phase information is an effective way of boosting visual recognition. In this paper, we investigate this problem from the perspective of medical imaging analysis, in which two phases in CT scans known as arterial and venous are combined towards higher segmentation accuracy. To this end, we propose Phase Collaborative Network (PCN), an end-to-end network which contains both generative and discriminative modules to formulate phase-to-phase relations and data-to-label relations, respectively. Experiments are performed on several CT image segmentation datasets. PCN achieves superior performance with either two phases or only one phase available. Moreover, we empirically verify that the accuracy gain comes from the collaboration between phases.

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